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Affilirev is a mobile performance marketing agency, specializing in lead generation. Aware of the active changes in the Digital Marketing business, we commit to taking the promotion of mobile brands to a new level due to adaptive forces.

Working with total transparency, we have developed our efficient fraud-tool based on data-warehouses established over the past few years.

Perfect Targeting

Our experienced team of media buyers connect with the right supplier sources and respond to the needs of our advertisers, covering +100 countries and all mobile app verticals: entertainment, utilities, games, lifestyle, finance, shopping, health, etc.

To deliver the best-matched targeting, we test each campaign with a wide range of users defining the scale strategy.

Total Transparency

One of our main values is to work in total synchronization with our partners with intuitive communication and constant feedback.

We take maximum accountability and report parameters such as source IDs, IDFA/GAID, impressions, app names, and site names to ensure the most appropriate involvement for our clients.

Performance & Anti Fraud

Delivering the most quality users for our brands and guaranteeing a secure promotion, which is only possible with a solid tracking system. Using all the data received our fraud tool checks impression and click levels to prevent any fraud.

Focused on reaching our client budgets and KPIs, we count on integrated conversion events to keep high levels of ARPU, ROAS, engagement, and retention, as well as optimization centered on variables like dayparting, ISPs, IP ranges, etc.

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